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Top Ten Disastrous Customer Traits-Identify Warning Signs, Make All Clients Profitable With CRM Software

You can circumvent a disastrous client relationship and turn an unprofitable situation into a great success in many cases if you identify and track critical customer challenges with CRM Software.

If a crisis occurs with a client every business owner or sales manager needs accurate information quickly to ensure the best action is taken. Business relationships can be improved and bad situations avoided by taking a proactive approach utilising comprehensive complaints history gathered in CRM Systems.

Top Ten Worst Customers Traits:

  • Deficient Documentation.
    Documentation not returned by customers such as new terms and conditions etc is a sign of possible trouble in the future. Dates sent and returned can be a good indicator of support inside a customer. For example a client may be looking around for another supplier; non response to documentation is one of the first indicators.
  • Repeated Shifting of Needs and Unreasonable Requests
    This type of client is always making new requests that have not been agreed. This pattern can be recorded in the CRM. Over time you can pin point exact behaviours and tactfully take affirmative action. Often it’s as simple as simply quoting the extras and making an offer that is tailored to the exact situation.
  • Coercive Urgency
    The Customer infers your business gave the wrong advice etc and corrective action is urgently needed. Poorly organised customers often make mistakes, the CRM system can derive why this is occurring. Often the same mistakes occur in the same products and services across a number of accounts.
  • Lack of Schedule
    A customer that continually changes the schedule at the last minute. Customers will change priorities with short notice. Record and proactively seek confirmations using the CRM.
  • The Bully
    CRM can alert and provide quick information to counter brash statements and outrages demands. Personality information can be readily made available. Sales and service staff can have all the facts on hand to increase their confidence when dealing with a rude client.
  • Falsification
    Occurs when a contact inside the client deliberately covers a mistake by blaming your business. The first alert is communication by another more senior contact expressing dissatisfaction. Being able to provide written documentation quickly boosts your business chances of getting a fair hearing. The Key is a fast accurate response.
  • Complicated Accounts Payable Procedures
    Attention to detail and accurate reminders is the best way forward. Cross checking every detail with the CRM software can turn the situation back around.
    Slow Accounts Payable
  • Your business must have a system in place. Automated reminders and text to phones is essential. Customers often plan who gets paid first. CRM systems can provide a lot of assistance in gathering information and automating the collections process.
  • The Disappearing Act
    A customer is not a customer unless you get paid; if a client is constantly moving then turning up again it’s not a good sign that the relationship is healthy. Proactively track potential bad debts, identify the signs and take cautionary action.
  • Pressure not to deal with Competition
    Some clients will try to infer that the account may be jeopardised by dealing with a competitor. Highlight and ensure this concern is recorded. Be neutral and maintain an air of efficiency, this type of complaint usually fizzles out. Never discuss other accounts with clients, it’s important for all clients to feel secure.

Understanding the types of failures and being able to actively anticipate customers issue’s will ensure your client retention rates remain high. Most difficult clients can be profitable if the business takes the initiative

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