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Sales Automation-Six Practical CRM Software Steps

Customers still prefer human communication although a growing number of businesses are utilising self service options integrated with CRM Software.

Fully automated sales systems do exist, usually a combination of integrated technologies such as Website Forms for Self Service, On-line Shopping Carts, CRM Software, Email Marketing Software and Banking Gateway Technology. These systems are often integrated to accommodate processes like payment plans and invoicing.

Businesses with high value items cannot generally fully automate the entire sales process because potential buyers require personnel contact. These types of businesses benefit from having a strong sales team.  However, sales teams can still realise significant improvement from having sales automation in some areas.

Six Practical CRM Software Automation Points

  • Educate before your sell can be automated for any business. For example how to guides, video guides, and seminar invitations can all be integrated to your CRM system. The key point is to sell education in exchange for an email address or phone number
  • Improve customer service giving your clients and prospects more options.  Integrate web based customer service forms to your CRM system reducing inbound calls, whilst improving sales and service productivity.  For example, a web form may automatically create a task in your CRM system
  • Improve the productivity of your sales team by prioritising the quality of leads.  Automate the CRM data capture of prospects including relevant information such as web page source, and origin
  • Use auto email responders and sequencing for simple sales activity.  Auto responders can pick up many routine sales tasks and if well written add to the overall customer experience
  • Automate Sales Pipeline reporting. Your system can provide up to date data to sales reps via a dash board to improve the motivation of sales reps
  • Automate Commission Payment reporting. This area can be simplified and is essential to get supporters for automated CRM features inside the sales team
  • Automated Customer Segmentation by purchase history, location, volume or any way your business can be more relevant to your clients and prospects needs.

Look closely at the functions where your sales team is the most productive.  Automate other tasks if you can quickly implement inside the CRM. Many general customer service functions can be carried out by CRM automation.
The payback is sales reps are given more time to increase their activity levels.

Keep to simple automation with a realistic time to implement and focus on general customer service subjects. Try not to invent new processes initially unless the business case warrants this enhancement and you can get the task done quickly
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